Top Reasons You Should Get a Cat!

Cats are favorite pets in as many as third of homes around the U.S. They are favorite pets worldwide because they are so cute and make great furry companions to kids and adults alike. They are so loveable and sweet creatures. If you are considering adopting one, here are many reasons you should.

  1. They’re hilarious                                                                                    

Cat playing


If you’ve ever seen a kitten or a cat chasing its tail or jumping randomly, you know that they immediately make you smile and laugh. If you haven’t, then watch funny cats videos and you’ll be convinced they are most hilarious pets ever!

  1. They show you that anything can be a bed.  

Cats are able to create a bed out of most unexpected objects and places a box, a laundry basket, a keyboard, a shelf, a drawer and the list goes on!

  1.   They keep you grounded

When you become so self-involved, you’ll be reminded that you actually aren’t that awesome with just one scornful look from your pet.

  1.   They’re great company


Cats aren’t very demanding. They need a little to eat and a bit of sleep. They will not annoy you but only sit beside you and purr.

  1.   They’re loving


If you have a cat, you know how your heart melts when they want to play, sleep on your neck or try to jump as close to your face as possible! If you don’t, you should get one they are awesome little creatures.

  1.   They bring you gifts

Occasionally you will get a gift from your cat, such as a big bug, or a partially chewed mouse.

  1.   They don’t mind if you give them silly names

Whatever name you choose for your cat, it will love you just the same, so be creative!

  1.   They’re cute, really cute

Cute cat

They are just furry little things walking around, playing with curtains and purring. Seriously, is there a cuter pet?

  1.   Their purring is beneficial to humans

The sound of a cat purring is said to have healing effects on human health according to a research. It doesn’t matter if this is a fact or not, every owner of a cat can say how much happier and less anxious they feel when their cat purrs.

  1.   They have good bathroom habits

Cats are very intelligent. If you have one, you’ll know they keep themselves clean. They always make a hole where they go to toilet and then cover it all with ground or sand.

  1.   They make great alarm clocks

When you feel lazy and just want to sleep all through the morning, your cat is there to get you out of bed because it’s wrong to sleep until noon and they want breakfast!

12.   They don’t need much looking after

Cats are most independent pets you’ll ever have. They function self-sufficiently and don’t need much attention compared to other pets. You’ll need to give them some food and play a little. If they ever need anything, you’ll hear them mewing while gazing at you.

13.   They keep unwanted rodents away

If you have a problem with rodents, your cat can help you out and scare them away.

14.   They teach you a lot

Your cat is a wise creature. Just look at it lying in the sun, stretching and yawning — you’ll get a whole new outlook on life and what’s important!