My Favorite Products for Pet Owners

My Reviews of the Best Pet Hair Vacuums

Pet ownership has always been an integral part of our world. Dogs, cats birds, and even rabbits share their lives with us in our homes, apartments and offices. Their presence in our world adds love, grace and trust to our lives. They snuggle with us in our beds, sit on our laps while we play videogames or watch TV. This closeness means that we must deal with the care of our environment, and that includes vacuuming of pet hair and dander. Regular brushing and combing is not enough to keep pet hair, dander and grit from our carpets, floors and furniture, especially during shedding seasons. Traditional vacuums cannot handle this task, and homeowners have often found out the hard way, that the motors of these household models will burn out quickly.

In order to vacuum pet hair and dander, the homeowner should invest in a model that is specifically designed to handle the task at hand. Pet vacuums are specifically researched, designed and constructed with enhanced features which include powerful motors, specialized bags, brushes with modified patterns, HEPA and carbon filters, and wider hoses to prevent clogging.

In this review, we’ve compiled a list of 4 of the best pet vacuums on the market today. Three of these models are your standard upright, with the fourth being a robotic model. These vacuum cleaners have been chosen based on customer satisfaction ratings. As with all expensive household appliances, please read the operating manual for instructions regarding proper care and maintenance of your product in order to prolong it’s life.

Shark Rotator TruePet Powered Lift-Away NV752

Shark Rotator Lift Away

The Shark Rotator Lift Away is a durable upright that comes with a dusting brush, 11 inch crevice tool, pet upholstery tool, and is covered by a 5 year warranty. The Shark Rotator is easy to maneuver with it’s swivel steering, under and around furnishings and uses it’s No Loss of Suction Technology to grab up wads of pet dander, grit and hair.

The Shark Rotator utilizes a ‘lift away’ function for those hard to reach areas on counter tops, above doors and tables. Just by simply pushing a button, you have the ability to go from upright vacuum to portable hand held. The lift away function is extremely useful areas such as carpeted stairwells.

The Shark Rotator has a powerful rotating brush. This brush digs deep and lifts offending wads of pet hair from carpets. This brush can be turned on and off, for those surfaces, such as hardwood flooring, that require a gentler approach.

The Shark Rotator uses an anti allergen Complete Seal Technology which has been tested to keep 99.9 percent of all dust and pet danders from escaping into the atmosphere. The Complete Seal Technology can do what HEPA filters alone cannot achieve, as HEPA filters still allow some allergens to escape into the air.

PROS: Easy to maneuver, inexpensive, lift away function

CONS: Hose could be more flexible

Dyson DC65 Animal

Dyson DC65

The agile Dyson DC65 Animal uses its patented ball technology to allow easy maneuverability for those hard to reach places. Pet hair can be loose and end up in corners, under sofas and chairs, and the Dyson DC65 has absolutely no problem reaching these areas.

Suction power is extremely important in any vacuum, but even more so in one that is involved in removing pet hair and dander. The Dyson D65 has 25 percent more suction power than it’s competitors. This is achieved by it’s patented Radial Root Cyclone technology which results in increased airflow and suction which keeps turbulence to a minimum in order to maintain air pressure. This means that your Dyson DC65 will be able to suck up more microscopic particles, which translates in less dust, allergens and pet hair in the home.

The DC65 has developed a tangle free turbine tool. The turbine tool has counter rotating heads that prevent pet hair from becoming entangled as it’s brushes lift and remove pet hair from surfaces. The turbine tool’s unique design means that it is as effective on uneven surfaces, such as sofa cushions and pillows, as it is on flat surfaces such as hardwood floors and carpeting.

PROS: Powerful suction, ball technology, tangle free turbine tool

CONS: Expensive

Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind UH70210

Hoover WindTunnel

The Hoover WindTunnel comes with a limited 2 year warranty. This upright is designed for multi-surface cleaning, weighs in at just 17.8 pounds, comes with a variety of attachments and has excellent suction power. The Hoover T-Series WindTunnel includes an air powered pet hand turbo tool and a pet upholstery brush, which uses rubber blades that snatch up pet hair from chairs and sofas.

The patented WindTunnel technology traps pet hair, dander and grit and confines it to a dirt cup. It’s stretch hose reaches 8 feet for those hard to reach areas. This model comes with a carbon filter that absorbs odors, a rinsable filter and a HEPA filter to prevent allergens from reaching the air.

The Hoover WindTunnel is easy to store with a cord rewind for it’s 25 foot cord, and folding handle. While this vacuum is not as agile as the Dyson, it is economically priced with a price point that most people can afford. This unit has an easy to use manual height adjuster so the user can easily choose between one of the 5 adjustable height settings, depending on the surface. When vacuuming over bare floors, the rotating brush can be switched off, which prevents debris from spreading.

PROS: Excellent suction power, economically priced, cord rewind system

CONS: Hose could be longer

iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies

 iRobot Roomba model 770

The iRobot Roomba model 770 is a powerful little robotic companion for your home or office. This model comes with an advanced cleaning head system specifically designed to handle pet hair, dander and grit. This little bot is fitted with dual HEPA filters which snag allergy offending particles so the allergy sufferer can breathe easier.

The Roomba 770 comes with a remote control that allows the user to control it from their chair, sofa or bed. Another huge plus with this model, is that it comes with a sophisticated system for monitoring its own power usage, which means the battery will give it more than enough time to sufficiently cover a lot of surface area in your home before recharge. The Roomba 770 also has automatic scheduling, which means that it will clean the room on it’s scheduled times, even if you are not at home.

PROS: Advanced cleaning system, HEPA filters, remote control

CONS: Expensive

There you have it, a review of some of the best pet vacuums on the market today. Brushing and grooming are not enough to keep pet hair from becoming entangled in the fibers of rugs and upholstery. Using typical vacuums to remove pet hair will cause it’s motor to burn out more quickly, thereby reducing the lifespan of your vacuum. For this heavy duty work, specialized vacuums have been designed. These vacuums have more durable motors, specialized accessories and features. Remember to research before you buy. Watch videos, read reviews and research the specs on company websites. Make sure you choose the pet vacuum that fits your individual needs.The cost of some of these models may be a bit higher than a regular household model, but with care and maintenance, these specialized vacuums will stand the test of time, giving the pet owner many years of dedicated service.


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Cool Gifts to Give Your Cat!

Cool Gifts to Give Your Cat!

All cat lovers know how their fluffy friend gets happy when you play with them. Just using a piece of rope and your cat will suddenly become a hunter preparing to jump and catch that moving piece of rope as if it’s a rodent. But, imagine how happy and excited it would get if you gave it a fancy gift, created just for our feline friends!

FroliCat Dart Duo Laser Toy For the Playful Kitten

Playing kittens

Your cat will love running around and following the red dot that moves. It will be its favorite toy and you’ll laugh watching your cat jumping around like crazy! If you have a very active cat, this will keep your pet entertained for a long while.

Weight Control Toy For the Fat Cat

The Egg-Cersizer is a great toy for your cat that is a bit lazy. It will reward your cat’s efforts and exercising. This toy is a food dispenser and you can fill it with pieces of cat food, which will pop out during the exercising. This is a great way to get your cat to work out before it eats. There are also special treats you can put in this toy and you cat will enjoy a yummy meal!

Feline Lickety Stik For the Middle Child


This is a treat for a calmer cat that doesn’t ask for much attention. Other cats often might bully this little one so it should get some special attention occasionally. You can feed your cat with Feline Lickety Stick that comes with a liquid dispenser. You cat will love this so much!

Heated Bed For the Senior Cat

If your fluffy companion is getting old, it will enjoy this heated bed during the winter. This heated bed will make your cat feel cozy all the time. This is a particularly great gift if you cat is cuddly and loves to stretch on your carpet — this is more comfortable and warmer than a carpet. Place this heated bed at your cat’s favorite place where it usually enjoys spending time. It will get crazy when it discovers this bed! It’s a perfect gift for every cat that loves its bed and often curls down next to you and won’t move. This will help you keep your cat happy while you can freely move around the house.

Pet Fountain For the Cat Who Has Everything

Drinking cat fountain

This is a really fancy place where your thirsty cat can drink water. It’s a cool gift for a cat who has all kinds of toys but doesn’t play with them. If your cat is a bit picky about food, toys and everything else — give it this cool pet fountain and that will be a real treat for your fluffy friend. A pet fountain has filtered water that is flowing constantly and it’s a real attraction! Drinkwell 360 fountain is recommended for homes with several cats as well. If your cats like drinking water from a tap that drips, this is perfect for them.

Choose from these cool gifts to give to your cat based on its character and age — there will be something for every cat!

Top Reasons You Should Get a Cat!

Cats are favorite pets in as many as third of homes around the U.S. They are favorite pets worldwide because they are so cute and make great furry companions to kids and adults alike. They are so loveable and sweet creatures. If you are considering adopting one, here are many reasons you should.

  1. They’re hilarious                                                                                    

Cat playing


If you’ve ever seen a kitten or a cat chasing its tail or jumping randomly, you know that they immediately make you smile and laugh. If you haven’t, then watch funny cats videos and you’ll be convinced they are most hilarious pets ever!

  1. They show you that anything can be a bed.  

Cats are able to create a bed out of most unexpected objects and places a box, a laundry basket, a keyboard, a shelf, a drawer and the list goes on!

  1.   They keep you grounded

When you become so self-involved, you’ll be reminded that you actually aren’t that awesome with just one scornful look from your pet.

  1.   They’re great company


Cats aren’t very demanding. They need a little to eat and a bit of sleep. They will not annoy you but only sit beside you and purr.

  1.   They’re loving


If you have a cat, you know how your heart melts when they want to play, sleep on your neck or try to jump as close to your face as possible! If you don’t, you should get one they are awesome little creatures.

  1.   They bring you gifts

Occasionally you will get a gift from your cat, such as a big bug, or a partially chewed mouse.

  1.   They don’t mind if you give them silly names

Whatever name you choose for your cat, it will love you just the same, so be creative!

  1.   They’re cute, really cute

Cute cat

They are just furry little things walking around, playing with curtains and purring. Seriously, is there a cuter pet?

  1.   Their purring is beneficial to humans

The sound of a cat purring is said to have healing effects on human health according to a research. It doesn’t matter if this is a fact or not, every owner of a cat can say how much happier and less anxious they feel when their cat purrs.

  1.   They have good bathroom habits

Cats are very intelligent. If you have one, you’ll know they keep themselves clean. They always make a hole where they go to toilet and then cover it all with ground or sand.

  1.   They make great alarm clocks

When you feel lazy and just want to sleep all through the morning, your cat is there to get you out of bed because it’s wrong to sleep until noon and they want breakfast!

12.   They don’t need much looking after

Cats are most independent pets you’ll ever have. They function self-sufficiently and don’t need much attention compared to other pets. You’ll need to give them some food and play a little. If they ever need anything, you’ll hear them mewing while gazing at you.

13.   They keep unwanted rodents away

If you have a problem with rodents, your cat can help you out and scare them away.

14.   They teach you a lot

Your cat is a wise creature. Just look at it lying in the sun, stretching and yawning — you’ll get a whole new outlook on life and what’s important!